Hosted by: Ken Lewicki

Spirituality's meant to be fun! Learn everything from A-Z to do with Channeling and Spirituality! #love #channeling #spirtuality #spiritual #awakening #spirit #SpiritualAwakening #lightworker #consciousness...


EP13 - Animal Soul vs. Human Soul

Season #1 Episode #13

What is the difference between an Animal Soul and a Human Soul? A human soul tends to be denser and more complex. An animal soul is lighter and simpler. An incarnated animal has very little to no “baggage”. They have...
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EP12 - Normalizing Channeling

Season #1 Episode #12

Being spiritual and channeling doesn’t have to be some weird, off-the-wall thing. You can make it an everyday normal part of your life. My goal when teaching my students is to get them to a point where they can use it...
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EP11 - Living Life on Purpose with Channeling!

Season #1 Episode #11

If you would like to achieve your goals, it’s going to take intentional, persistent, focused action. Taking regular, massive action on something you’re meant to pursue will lead you to where you want to be in the long...
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EP10 - Habits, Patterns, Rituals – Keep Things Lean

Season #1 Episode #10

With spirituality, it’s easy to get caught up in doing all sorts of activities. Some may be necessary forever, some may be necessary for a period of time, or some may not and never will be necessary. How do you know?...
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EP9 - The Power of Silence

Season #1 Episode #9

When in a constant, noisy environment, there’s no chance for us to relax and be with our emotions. There’s a direct correlation between how much external noise there is and how noisy our mind is. Sometimes we need a...
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EP8 - What is ‘Multi-Channeling’?

Season #1 Episode #8

Most people have between 3-to 5 spirit guides during any one season of their lives. At first, it’s best to get really good a channeling just one spirit guide at a time. After getting really good at this, then you can...
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EP7 - What is your Intuition really?!

Season #1 Episode #7

Your Intuition is more complex than you think. It is made up of several components including your Soul, your Higher-self, your Spirit guides, or a combination of these. In this video, learn what your intuition really...
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How to Know the Difference Between an Angel and a Soul?

Season #1 Episode #6

You can tell the difference between a Soul and an Angel by using your psychic channeling abilities to tune into them. A soul is denser and has more depth to it. An angel is higher vibration and is more etheric. If...
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EP5 - You Cannot not be Spiritual!

Season #1 Episode #5

You are spiritual! You cannot not be spiritual! It is the makeup of who you are! Stay firm and steadfast on your spiritual journey. Have fun with it and don’t let any person, situation, or circumstance take you off...
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EP4 - Is Channeling Safe?

Season #1 Episode #4

You’re already Channeling… What channeling really is. Is it safe? The good news is, we’ve all been channeling all our lives. We’ve all received guidance not knowing where it’s coming from. We’ve all given messages to...
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EP3 - Trance Channeling vs Conscious Channeling

Season #1 Episode #2

What’s the difference? What are their advantages, disadvantages of them? Find out more. If you would like to book a one-on-one channeling session, visit me at, and click on Book a Channeling...
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EP2 - Step-by-step on How to Channel Your Spirit Guides

Season #1 Episode #2

Ken Lewicki teaching you how to channel your spirit guides in this podcast.  If you would like to book a one-on-one channeling session, visit me at, and clicking on Book a Channeling...
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