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Resources for every stageĀ of your Spiritual Ascension

1-on-1Ā Channeling Training

Learn how to connect with your spirit guides to receive specific guidance in each area of your life. Get to know who your guides are and how they are helping you. Learn how to enhance your 'clair' abilities to receive more accurate answers from them!

New clients receive a one-time 43% discount. This offer is for people new to channeling with Ken who want to experience how amazing it is to learn to channel their spirit guide.

Note:Ā  ALL sessions includeĀ healing and spiritual upgradesĀ to enhance your Channeling abilities!

~ Empowering People Through Psychic Development

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Intro Channeling -  Workshop

Welcome to Ken's Intro Channeling workshop.
You can either watch his Recorded Video or register for his Live Zoom workshop (see links below).

Recorded Video - you will:

  • Watch at your convenience
  • Re-watch video as many times as you like
  • Pause and take notes
  • Take as long as you want to do the activities
  • Upon completion, receive a coupon for the Channeling Level Workshop

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OR, attend Ken's Live, interactive class where Ken will actually take you through the processes of channeling your spirit guides. You will be able to discuss your experiences in small groups, have Ken answer your questions, and go through specific techniques on how to improve your Channeling.

Ken’s unique style makes this workshop accessible for all levels of channelers/mediums/psychics, including beginners who've never done this before.

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Intro Animal Communication - Workshop

Our pets are an incredibly important part of our families. Especially during these times, we find ourselves in closer companionship with our furry, finned, and feathered friends. Perhaps you are becoming more aware of your pets’ needs and behaviors. Have you ever wanted to learn how to communicate with animals? Then this 2hr, step-by-step workshop with Channeling Trainer Ken Lewicki is for you. It will help you get to a point where you can communicate with animals at the deepest possible level.

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Channeling Level 1 - Workshop

This workshop, as taught by "Ken Lewicki - Channeling", is one of the simplest and most powerful ways to awaken your spiritual abilities! It is designed for both new and experienced individuals interested in further exploring their spirituality. If you are new to spirituality, it gives you a great foundation for all other spiritual modalities. If you are already experienced, you will learn how to hone your channeling abilities and take them to new remarkable heights. Many experienced channelers / mediums / psychics have gained much from taking this Level 1 workshop. One of the biggest reasons to enroll in Channeling Level 1 is because it is a prerequisite for Levels 2 & 3/Expert levels which are extremely advanced!
If you want your spiritual abilities to skyrocket, this course is for you!!

(Each certification workshop comes with healings, activations, attunements, and major spiritual upgrades!)

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Channeling Level 2  - Workshop

The topics covered in the Level 1 Channeling Course by “Ken Lewicki – Channeling” were advanced. In Level 2, the topics and exercises will be WAY more advanced. Workshop participants will practice channeling for themselves and for others in the class. The practical application of this learning will allow students to transform their own lives as well as the lives of family, friends, and clients. You will learn:

  • Meet your soul family
  • Transcend your life challenges
  • Learn about pendulums, dousing, muscle testing, angel/oracle/tarot cards, numerology, astrology, dice divination, and rune stones
  • Meet your totem animal
  • Fast channeling tips
  • Ethics and spirituality
  • Tour of the Astral Realm
  • Super advanced techniques on how to channel your spirit guides
  • Channeling other people’s guides and loved ones – mediumship
  • How to be a psychic and give future-based messages
  • Expulsion Command and protecting yourself
  • Crossing lost-souls over
  • Channel Ascended Masters
  • How to ‘Multi-Channel’

*** Pre-Requisite

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Channeling Level 3/Expert - Workshop

The topics covered in the Level 1 & 2 Channeling courses by Ken Lewicki - Channeling were advanced. In the Level 3 / Expert level, we take your channeling skills to the most advanced level yet where you receive an "Expert Channeler" certificate!

You will learn how to channel Lineage/Ancestry, Past-lives, and Medical Mediumship. You will then learn how to channel celestial beings (stars, planets, moons), sprites, fairies, dragons, angels, archangels, and the Lord of the Akashic Records!

*** Pre-Requisite –

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Animal Healing & Communication Workshop

You will become one of the most talented Animal Healers & Communicators in the world! Whether it’s cats, dogs, horses, birds, or any other animals, you will learn how to retrieve very useful, practical information and do healing on them.

Learning to channel animals is much more than just tuning into them. It’s working with your spirit guides at enhanced levels (Channeling Level 2) to determine the root cause of what’s going on (Medical Mediumship – Channeling Level 3) and working with high-level beings like dragons and angels (also Level 3) to do any healing as necessary. In this workshop, you will be attuned to several symbols, and we will practice advanced healing on the animals. (this Healing Training also applies to humans!) Therefore, it’s imperative to have all three Levels of Channeling as a foundation first before enrolling in this course!


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"I am extremely Thankful for being able to learn from Ken. He has given me knowledge and confidence in  my life through his courses he teaches. He is very thoughtful and caring towards everyone. I am highly recommending Ken’s classes, they will change your life."

Carrie Goodhope-Penchuk

"I have completed Ken's Level 3 Workshop and I can't say enough about how amazing these workshops are. The way he teaches with kindness, clarity, and without any "fru-fru" is exactly what I needed. He is the real deal.

I have found silence in my mind, experienced so much healing, and been able to find clarity for myself. I have a clear purpose and path forward. I am connected to my soul. Ken didn't do this. He showed me the way to do this for myself. He tapped me into my spirit guides, my soul and my higher self. It is amazing.

I have stronger boundaries around myself than ever before. I highly recommend all of Ken's courses. At the very least, take Channeling Level 1 so you can connect with your own soul, higher-self, and spirit guides."

Morgan Tabor

"If you want to LIVE what you learn take a course from Ken. He keeps you engaged and you practice what you learn. Amazing experience!"

Melodie Braun Tulsie

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 Imagine how much better the world would be if everyone learned to channel their Spirit Guides!

In 2004, Ken taught himself how to channel his deceased father. Over the years, Ken honed his abilities and began to channel not only souls, but ascended masters, angels, and even archangels. What took him over a decade to master, Ken now teaches in one-on-one sessions or in large workshops around the world. He teaches psychics, mediums, and channelers how to hone and improve their abilities. He teaches practitioners from novice to advanced how to become leading-edge in their industry.

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